KNOWLEDGE POD: Weathering Social Media Storms



Jaime Caza, Director, Advancement & Social Enterprise, Edmonton Humane Society

When a social media storm strikes, it can travel quickly, affecting your brand and reputation in the process. For animal welfare agencies, this can impact all levels of stakeholder engagement – from fund development to adoptions. The Edmonton Humane Society uses proven methods, as well as a few developed insights, to help manage negative online experiences and even transform them into success stories.

In this engaging presentation, the Edmonton Humane Society will share its approach to successfully navigating social media storms – from identifying potential crises to managing issues when they jump to mainstream media. Through proven reputation and crisis management techniques, we will detail how your organization can prepare, evaluate, craft messaging and respond on social media. Using real-life examples, we will explore how EHS was able to create positive customer service moments, predict the unpredictable and even successfully pivot a potentially damaging social media post into a positive media story, picked up by numerous news outlets.


  1. Preventing problems online by having a customer-service mindset.
  2. How to respond to issues that arise online, and when no response is the best response.
  3. What to do when an online issue becomes a reporter calling.

Jaime Caza is the Director of Advancement & Social Enterprise at the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS). Previous to EHS, she was the Director of Development with Ronald McDonald House Charities, where she was responsible for implementing strategies that led to three consecutive years of record-breaking revenue results. With 10 years’ of experience in the corporate sector, Jaime brings a deep knowledge of how to attract and build corporate relationships.