Trophy Hunting in BC and the Great Bear Rainforest: What's Next?


Dr. Sara Dubois, Chief Scientific Officer, British Columbia SPCA (BC SPCA)

With a recent change in government in British Columbia, a policy announcement in summer 2017 brought about mixed reactions from conservationists and animal welfare organizations. Slammed by resident and non-resident hunting lobby groups, an election promise to "end the trophy hunt" of grizzly bears was met with caution by the BC SPCA as details on new regulations and number of bears saved were yet to be determined. 

What does the "end of the trophy hunt" mean for BC's bears, and in particular the Great Bear Rainforest? This presentation will review the status of the grizzly bear hunt in Canada and break down the available regulations to determine what new protections exist, and where wildlife advocacy is still needed. Perhaps this is a first step toward a new era of wildlife management framed by Compassionate Conservation.


  1. An update on the status of grizzly bear hunting.
  2. How these policy changes were achieved.
  3. Global trophy hunting and how animal welfare organizations can respond.

Dr. Sara Dubois is the BC SPCA’s Chief Scientific Officer, where she directs province-wide welfare science operations, education and advocacy projects. She works on: wildlife rehabilitation, oil spill response, captive wildlife and exotic pets, human-wildlife conflicts and compassionate conservation, and consults on wildlife cruelty investigations. Sara is a registered professional biologist with a BSc IN Biology (UVic) and an MSc and PhD from the UBC Animal Welfare Program, whose main area of expertise is in wildlife welfare and human dimensions. She is an Adjunct Professor with the UBC Applied Biology Program and Advisor to the Whale Sanctuary Project.