Supporting Sustainability: Meeting the Demand for Plant-Based Options


Julie W. MacInnes, Campaign Manager, Humane Society International Canada

As the world’s population quickly approaches 9 billion people, our food systems are under increasing pressure to meet the growing demand – leading to compromises in animal welfare, biodiversity and environmental sustainability. Julie MacInnes from Humane Society International Canada will explain the most important food-related changes happening today in the Canadian context: market trends, corporate culture and policy changes. Find out what work is being done to promote the Three Rs of Eating: “refining” our diets by avoiding products from farms with the most abusive practices, “reducing” consumption of animal products and “replacing” them with plant-based foods.

The presentation will discuss the corporate outreach efforts in progress in Canada through Meatless Monday programs and Forward Food plant-based culinary trainings, as well as relationships forged by Humane Society International’s US counterpart with multinational food service providers Aramark, Sysco and Compass to take part in massive plant-based meal training and menu development. Companies in all sectors are seeking to innovate sustainability and ethical practices in order to attract and retain customers, investors and employees. By communicating the sustainability, health and animal welfare benefits associated with animal product-free meals, companies can tap into a growing public inclusion of animal protection in the broader framework of sustainability and health considerations.


  1. How plant-based food trends are leading to better animal welfare.
  2. How animal protection NGOs can leverage corporations to see the business case of plant-based investments.
  3. How the lessons we’ve learned can apply to other animal protection campaigns.

Over the past five years, Julie MacInnes has been working on campaigns regarding animal welfare and ethical consumerism. As a member of HSI Canada, Julie has participated in several protection campaigns, including campaigns to end the trade in the products of shark finning, opposing wolf culls and the trophy hunting of grizzly bears. Most recently, she has taken on the challenge of finding innovative ways to reduce consumption of meat and other animal products in Canada and how that relates to environmental sustainability.