Speaker Spotlights

The 2018 National Animal Welfare Conference featured North America's most sought-after thought leaders on emerging animal welfare science, best practices in animal sheltering, leadership and community engagement practices in an animal welfare context, animal welfare advocacy, and stakeholder relations techniques.

Dr. Roger Haston on trends and innovation in animal welfare
As the Chief of Analytics at PetSmart Charities, Dr. Haston has a deep level of knowledge about trends and innovation in the animal welfare industry, how the industry is currently changing and what the new data says about where this is leading us. At the 2018 National Animal Welfare Conference on April 22, Dr. Haston presented Innovative Approaches to Helping People and Pets: Bringing It All Together. Read our interview with him here to read up on some of the insights he shared!

Rob Laidlaw on the current Canadian landscape for wildlife in captivity
Rob Laidlaw is a Chartered Biologist, award-winning author of nine children’s books and Executive Director of the wildlife protection charity Zoocheck. His work throughout the years has taken him around the world and has involved almost every kind of advocacy initiative from lobbying governments to rescuing animals, including many successful initiatives to change laws, policies and practices and to improve conditions for wildlife in captivity. He joined us at the 2018 National Animal Welfare Conference to present Nature in a Box: A Primer on Wildlife in Captivity as part of our Wildlife Welfare learning track. Read our interview with him here.

Janice Hannah on working with indigenous communities on dog management
As IFAW’s Humane Indigenous Communities lead, Janice Hannah works with indigenous communities and NGOs in North America to build humane and sustainable programs that improve the health and welfare of both animals (particularly dogs) and their people. Jan’s focus on companion animal welfare merges her long-term interest of working with animals and communities in culturally applicable, empowering and creative ways. She presented three thematically-linked sessions on dog management in indigenous communities as part of the 2018 Deep Dive Training Day. Read our interview with her here.