Post-Adoption Peace of Mind

Room: St Laurent

Brandon Zweerman, Outreach Manager, VCA Canada

For many shelters and rescues, the greatest fulfillment comes when a companion animal is adopted into a loving forever home. Unfortunately, some of these animals are quickly returned because they develop common illnesses post-adoption which could easily be treated by a veterinarian. While proper planning teaches us all to expect the unexpected, the financial burden associated with these early illnesses can become a major concern when combined with adoption fees and other expenses of bringing home a new pet. With that in mind, a good post-adoption program will help address these financial concerns through veterinarians or other resources in the community, providing peace of mind for adopters and animal welfare organizations alike. This session will explore the setup and structure of a veterinary post-adoption program and demonstrate the value it can provide to both your organization and adopters.


  1. How to save on veterinary treatment costs post-adoption.
  2. How to reduce the return rate from adoption failures.
  3. How to build a post-adoption program for shelters and rescues.

Brandon Zweerman graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science and has worked with companion animals in various roles for 15 years. Of those, the most recent eight of those years have been in different aspects of veterinary medicine. Having worked both in Canada and Internationally, Brandon was fortunate to see diverse needs of companion animals and the ways the veterinary community is able to give back.Having also served as a member of the Board and as the Vice-President of Under My Wing Pug Rescue until 2015, Brandon has seen the critical need for veterinary participation in rescue animal welfare and the role it can play in the adoption process. Now, as the Outreach Manager for VCA Canada Animal Hospitals, Brandon works to establish initiatives where veterinarians and other organizations can support companion animal welfare in the community. Brandon is a tireless advocate for responsible pet ownership and utilizing the strength of the entire animal welfare community to achieve the best outcomes.