Planning for Fundraising

Room: St Laurent 7

Leah Johnson, Donor Engagement Advisor, Calgary Humane Society
Rae Fehr, Senior Manager, Fund Development, Calgary Humane Society

Creating a fantastic fundraising plan can energize and engage your teams and define priorities. But where do you start? Fundraising leaders from Calgary Humane Society will discuss the “who” and the “how” to fund development planning, and share real-life examples. We'll also examine the challenges around keeping the plan alive when distractions arise and the importance of target setting. Finally, we'll have an honest conversation about what success looks like, beyond the revenue line. No matter the size of the animal welfare organization, having a plan to help guide you through the year is critical. We will be able to adjust this plan for teams of 2 to 20.


  1. Elements of a great fundraising plan.
  2. How to engage your fundraising staff.
  3. Measuring success as a fundraiser, beyond the dollars.

Leah Johnson is a dynamic young fundraiser with a passion for building lasting relationships with donors. Starting her career out of university, she has spent 8 years developing skillsets and remaining ahead of the trends in fundraising. Her focus areas are in grant writing, donor stewardship and event planning. Leah prides herself in the work she does at the Calgary Humane Society and looks forward to continuing to offer meaningful avenues for donor giving. During the evenings, Leah can be found cuddling up with her rescue pup, Finnigan.

Rae Fehr has been building relationships with donors for more than 19 years. He started with six years as a Senior Development Officer at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology before moving to STARS Air Ambulance for 10 years, where he gained experience and knowledge in all areas of fundraising. Now with just over three years at the Calgary Humane Society, Rae strives to learn how he can lead the organization on how to build exceptional donor loyalty.