Navigating Social Media

Room: Westmount 6

Kylie Adams, Communications Coordinator, Edmonton Humane Society

An expansion on the popular lightning session Weathering Social Media Storms, which was presented at the 2018 National Animal Welfare Conference, this presentation will dive deeper into the tools and tactics used to get through crises on social media and help build and maintain a positive brand through engaging (or sometimes not engaging) with your followers.

Social media gives us a voice to directly share our messages and stories; when they're positive, this can be of great benefit, but when they're negative, the backlash can be overwhelming. When it comes to animal welfare, our followers and supporters are often deeply passionate about the cause, and this can further amplify the response. As such, many of us have a love-hate relationship with social media. While we can't always control the response on social media, knowing what tools and tactics are available will give you the confidence that you're prepared to manage and learn from whatever comes your way.


  1. How to set rules and expectations for those engaging on your page to prevent issues from arising.
  2. Tips and guidelines for when and how to respond, and when to take issues offline.
  3. Utilizing tools and extra support to navigate crises.

Kylie Adams has been the voice behind the Edmonton Humane Society's social media platforms for more than two-and-a-half years, bringing a diverse range of experience and insight to her role as Coordinator, Communications and Marketing. With a passion to educate while ensuring supporters have a positive experience, she engages and informs EHS' audience. Kylie has a BSc in Animal Health and recently completed her MSc in Animal Welfare.