National Round Table: Effective Partnerships with First Nations & Inuit Communities



R.J. Bailot, Executive Director, Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force
Alanna Collicutt, Dog Care and Control Program Manager, Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force
Jan Hannah, Senior Education and Research Specialist & Northern Dogs Project Manager, International Fund for Animal Welfare


This round table event will focus on facilitating constructive and open discussions amongst animal welfare organizations who work in First Nation communities. This will be an opportunity for organizations to share experiences, challenges and successes. Those who attended the First Nations and Dogs Training will be asked to provide feedback on the ideas shared during those sessions.

Topics may include:

  1. How to Develop Relationships with First Nations Communities
  2. Community Safety vs. Animal Welfare
  3. Donating Pet Food
  4. Removal of "Strays"


RJ Bailot is a recipient of the International Fund for Animal Welfare "Outstanding Personal Commitment Award". RJ has travelled nationally and internationally to many animal protection groups’ home bases in order to study and accumulate knowledge and ideas to better accommodate groups in animal rescue, protection and education. RJ is a co-founder of the ASNTF.

Alanna Collicutt has worn many hats at the Alberta Spay/Neuter Task Force in the last six years, including general volunteer, Vice President and Clinic Operations Manager. However, she has found her strength and passion in the development and management of the ASNTF Dog Care and Control Program. Alanna has been focused on the Dog Care and Control Program for the last one-and-a-half years and has brought experience, skills and diligence to this new program.

In her dual role as Senior Education and Research Specialist & Northern Dogs Project Manager, Janice Hannah is responsible for developing, monitoring and evaluating the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s companion animal projects in Canada and providing guidance for IFAW’s education initiatives both in Canada and internationally. In her twenty years at IFAW, Jan has worked in numerous program areas, including marine mammal science and education, Animal Action Education, emergency relief, policy and wildlife trade.

Jan’s focus on companion animal welfare merges her long-term interest in working with animals and communities with the objective of building humane and sustainable programs that improve the health and welfare of animals through education and community engagement. Outreach, advice, community development and service provision are cornerstones to IFAW’s work, which provides contextual and culturally-relevant solutions to local issues.

Jan develops and manages community projects on the ground, as well as advising and working on companion animal policy, programming and issues internationally. During the past few years, she has worked on IFAW companion animal population management and rabies eradication projects, as well as in-community animal welfare capacity development around the world.

Jan holds an Honours BSc in Wildlife Biology from the University of Guelph, and a Master's in Education and Teaching Certificate from Niagara University.

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