Monday, April 15

All sessions at the 2019 National Animal Welfare Conference will be presented in English. We will be offering simultaneous English-to-French translation for all plenaries and a number of concurrent sessions. Note that all simultaneously-translated sessions are marked with “ST” in the schedule.

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6:30AM - 7:30AM: CAT YOGA, Room: Montreal 8
These morning wellness sessions will be hosted on-site by Montreal SPCA. If you like to get moving on your mat in the early morning, Meow-ga is a great way to do it! It combines cats and yoga to create the ultimate exercise and relaxation experience.  Please dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat if possible. Classes are 60 minutes long and suitable for all levels. Water and towels will be provided. All #NAWC2019 attendees welcome.

7:30AM - 8:30AM: BREAKFAST & REGISTRATION, Room: Montreal Ballroom

*simultaneous English-to-French translation
The Rise of the Animal Welfare Professional: Supporting Growth and Change in the Animal Welfare Sector
Barbara Cartwright, CEO, Humane Canada
Kathrina Loeffler, Executive Director Facilitated Improvement for Corporate Success

10:00AM - 10:30AM: RECHARGE BREAK AND EXHIBITORS, Room: St Laurent


TRACK A: Sheltering for Change - Room: Montreal 6-7
Mobility Matters: Making Physical Rehabilitation Happen to Increase Adoptability (90 Minutes)
Christina Giordmaina RVT, CCRP, Physical Rehabilitation Veterinary Technician, Toronto Humane Society
Jenna Cook, RVT, CCRP, CCMT, Lead Physical Rehabilitation Veterinary Technician, SOAR Veterinary Services
*simultaneous English-to-French translation

TRACK B: Cat Behaviour - Room: St Laurent 6
Cat Behavior: What People Don't Know But Should (90 Minutes)
Daniel Fillon, Président, L'éduCHATeur

TRACK C: Advocacy - Room: St Laurent 7
Social Capital: A New Framework for Animal Welfare (90 Minutes)
Roger Haston, Chief of Analytics, PetSmart Charities of Canada

TRACK D: Education - Room: St Laurent 8
Are We Making A Difference? (90 Minutes)
Craig Naherniak, General Manager: Humane Education, BC SPCA

TRACK E: Development and Strategies - Room: Westmount 6
2019 Elections Strategy
Speakers TBA


Room: St Laurent

Lightning Session 12:10PM - 12:25PM
Networking and the Fredericton Flood Relief
Karen McGeean, Director of Marketing & Development, Fredericton SPCA

Lightning Session 12:35PM - 12:50PM
Planning an Easy and Effective Event with Limited Resources
Leah Johnson, Donor Engagement Advisor, Calgary Humane Society
Maja Krol, Donor Engagement Coordinator, Calgary Humane Society

Lightning Session 1:00PM - 1:15PM
No Place Like Home: Intake Diversion Works
Karen Reicheld, Manager: Animal Care and Adoptions, Hamilton/Burlington SPCA


TRACK A: Sheltering for Change - Room: Montreal 6-7
How the Ottawa Humane Society Took Spay/Neuter Mobile (45 minutes)
Amber Corby, Manager: Community Programs, Ottawa Humane Society
*simultaneous English-to-French translation

Veterinary Clinics Run by a Humane Society: Is That Possible? (45 minutes)
Kevin Strooband, Executive Director, Lincoln County Humane Society

TRACK B: Cat Behaviour - Room: St Laurent 6
Raising Super Cats: The Importance of Kitten Socialization (45 minutes)
Rebecca Lohnes, MS CDBC, ACCBC Behaviour and Training Manager, Lollypop Farm / The Humane Society of Greater Rochester

Managing Feline Behaviour Problems in Animal Shelters (45 minutes)
Dr. Jacklyn Ellis, Manager: Feline Behaviour, Enrichment and Rehabilitation, Toronto Humane Society
*simultaneous English-to-French translation

TRACK C: Advocacy - Room: St Laurent 7
Protecting Exotic Animal Welfare by Regulation and Education (90 Minutes)
Cass Koenen, Head of Wildlife Campaigns, Exotic Pets, World Animal Protection
Melissa Matlow, Senior Wildlife Campaign Manager, World Animal Protection
Michèle Hamers, Animal Welfare Consultant, Zoocheck Inc.

TRACK D: Education - Room: St Laurent 8
Bridging the Gap: Exploring Canadian Pets and Wildlife with Newcomers (45 minutes)
Allie Holloway, Manager: Outreach, Ottawa Humane Society
Stephanie Millar, French Coordinator: Humane Education, Ottawa Humane Society

Youth, Animals, Action! The Power of Kids and Teens Today (45 minutes)
Emelie Luciani, Co-Director, ENGAGE: Animal Welfare Education
Colleen Ovenden, Co-Director, ENGAGE: Animal Welfare Education

TRACK E: Development and Strategies - Room: Westmount 6
Growing Revenue: Running a Business Within a Charitable Model (45 Minutes)
Courtney Barber, Provincial Director of Marketing & Branding, Nova Scotia SPCA
Elizabeth Murphy, CEO, Nova Scotia SPCA

Navigating Social Media (45 Minutes)
Kylie Adams, Communications Coordinator, Edmonton Humane Society


3:30PM - 4:50PM: PLENARY: The Sentient World of Fishes

Jonathan Balcome, Author of What A Fish Knows, Pleasurable Kingdom, and Second Nature
*Jonathan will be available to sign books following his plenary session.
*simultaneous English-to-French translation


Come discover another side of Old Montréal : the immigrants, the slaves, the sailors and the congregations, the encounter between the French and the First Nations. During this walking tour, L’Autre Montréal tells the complex day to day life of this diverse population that was once living in a time when Old Montréal was just… Montréal. For this special tour, the guide will also give you some historical facts about the SPCA and focus on animal related monuments and public art. Start and end: Bonaventure Hotel

Schedule subject to change.

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