Making a Difference for Chickens in Canada

Stephanie Brown
Director, Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals (CCFA)

Chickens are the most frequently raised farmed animal in Canada by far, involving some 680 million birds raised and slaughtered for meat and eggs annually.  Yet there are significant welfare issues involving intensive confinement of 95% of Canada’s laying hens in battery cages and serious genetic issues affecting fast-growing meat birds.  Transportation and slaughter are key welfare issues affecting all birds raised for food.

Key Learnings:
1. An understanding of the Maple Lodge Farms trial and its impact on animal welfare
2. An understanding of the impacts of decisions by the retail food industry and consumers, toward more humanely produced chicken products
3. An understanding of the role Canadian animal protection organizations, citizens and food retailers have, to bring change to current chicken husbandry systems, including production methods, transport, slaughter, and consumption as food. 


Stephanie Brown 
is a long-time animal protection volunteer, and co-founder and director of Toronto-based Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals, and a director of Wishing Well Farm Sanctuary.  She is a past president of the Toronto Humane Society, Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, a former Council member of Canadian Council on Animal Care, and author of articles published various newspapers and magazines.  She has a BFA and MA and is a dealer in antique jewelry.