Interpersonal Skills for Animal People: Elevating your Team’s Performance through Effective Communication

Room: St Laurent 8

Geoff Urton,
General Manager, Strategy & Innovation, BC SPCA

You’ve declared a new future and have specific measurable goals to fulfill on. But NONE of this is going to happen without one key ingredient – communication. In this workshop, we invite you to consider that it is through communication only that you can deliver the results you are envisioning.


1) Get present to the common commitment your people share

2) Look at when our existing communication with one another comes from what we are attached to rather than what we are committed to

3) Discover how to listen for what others are committed to in our communication with them, and how to acknowledge them authentically for their commitments and accomplishments

4) See where exactly these communication skills will be necessary for you to be effective in implementing your plan and achieving your goals

Geoff Urton is committed to bringing about extraordinary contributions from the inspiring people who work and volunteer in the social sector.  A graduate of Stanford’s Executive Program for Non-Profit Leaders, and a Vancouver Island Top 20 Under 40, Geoff is presently the BC SPCA’s General Manager of Strategy and Innovation. Geoff’s nationally-awarded work in the animal protection sector has set new benchmarks for not-for-profit government relations and established a culture of dialogue that has created win-wins between business, government and charitable stakeholders. Also passionate about children’s health and wellness, Geoff serves on the Patient Experience Advisory Committee at BC Children’s Hospital. At home in Victoria, Geoff is known for turning anything possible into a game with his unbelievable family and tripod pup, Finn.