Intake Management of Animals Entering Shelters

Room: St Laurent 6
Simultaneous English-to-French interpretation available for this session.

Dr. Kyla Townsend, Shelter Veterinarian, Toronto Humane Society

Animal shelters are routinely faced with the reality of having the number of incoming animals exceed the capacity to care for them. This can result in overcrowding, inadequate care and increased risk of disease transmission, all of which can have significant negative impacts on the health and welfare of the animals. One way to address that problem is to look for alternative pathways for those animals, which would result in fewer animals needing to enter the shelter in the first place. This presentation will focus on these alternative methods of intake management, including pre-screening options for surrendered animals, foster programs and spay/neuter initiatives.


  1. Community initiatives, including spay/neuter programs.
  2. Pre-screening options for managing surrenders to shelters.
  3. Foster programs as a way to keep animals out of a shelter environment.

Dr. Kyla Townsend is a shelter veterinarian at the Toronto Humane Society. She graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2012 and has pursued her passion of shelter medicine since graduation. In her daily work, she is primarily focused on the management of incoming animals into the shelter. She has also been involved in multiple spay/neuter programs to remote communities, both within Canada and internationally.