Ideal vs Practical Solutions – Which Strategies Will Work for Your Animal Shelter in the Face of Disease?

10:15AM to 11:15AM
Room: St Laurent 6
Simultaneous English-to-French interpretation available for this session.

Esther Attard, BSc DVM, Chief Veterinarian, Toronto Animal Services

Managing disease outbreaks in animal shelters demands creativity when resources are limited.  This session will compare ideal and practical management strategies of disease outbreaks through discussion of actual cases.  Audience participation is encouraged to contain disease, keep the population healthy and continue sheltering animals.


  1. Epidemiology of the most common disease outbreaks in animal shelters – panleukopenia, parvovirus, ringworm and giardia
  2. Ideal strategies for the most common disease outbreaks
  3. Resource friendly solutions/strategies

Esther graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1991. She started her carreer as an equine practitioner and even owned her own small animal clinic before deciding that shelter medicine and surgery was her passion! Esther has worked in animal shelters for the past 20 years and appreciates the daily challenges and rewards! Her favorite things are family (husband, two lovely daughters and a shelter dog of course!), horses and travelling.