Farmed Animal Welfare and Policies/Practices in Humane Societies and SPCAs

Simultaneous English-to-French interpretation available for this session.

TBD - Mercy for Animals Canada

Most Humane Societies and SPCAs include, as part of their mission, the protection and prevention of cruelty towards all animals. However, many organizations often focus predominantly or solely on companion animals and fail to consider how policies and practices directly or indirectly impact the hundreds of millions of farmed animals that are raised and killed each year in Canada for food. Animal shelters are in a unique position to lead the way in showing the community that living a more compassionate lifestyle is possible.  This presentation will explore the ethical dilemma of why many organizations protect some animals while unintentionally promoting the suffering of others, and offer solutions and ideas to ensure mission statements are aligned with practices and programs.


  1. Ways in which farmed animals are similar to companion animals, such as dogs and cats (sentience, intelligence etc.) and how the public is ready to hear/care about farm animals (i.e. Esther, Toronto Pig Save, 10% of Canadians consider themselves vegan or vegetarian).
  2. An overview of the procedures used on Canadian factory farms and the difference between the legal protections given to companion animals vs. farmed animals.
  3. How humane societies, SPCAs and shelters can go about adopting policies and programs that help raise awareness about the suffering of farmed animals and some successes in doing so (i.e. adopting a vegan food policy, using farmed animals, such as pigs, in fundraising materials and even having a rooster as a “mascot” for a shelter).

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