Engaging Donors with Unique Stewardship Tactics


Jaime Caza, Director, Advancement & Social Enterprise, Edmonton Humane Society
Aime Winegarden, Advancement Officer, Edmonton Humane Society

The animal welfare industry is an appealing cause for donors of all ages. But how do you make sure your donors commit to your organization and keep you top of mind with all the worthy causes they can choose to support? The emotional connection is an integral piece to ensure the donor relationship; it can be tricky to deliver on this when your donors are of all age groups.

This presentation will review the importance of a comprehensive stewardship plan and why it is also important to focus on young philanthropists. This session will help to spark ideas on how to create the connection and deliver the best possible results when resources can be challenging.


  1. What is stewardship and why it is so important? We will focus on the fundamentals of stewardship, why it is so important to have a plan and the tools you need to build your plan.
  2. How do you make your plan unique? We will deep dive into scenarios and share some unique examples of how organizations ensured success by creating a unique experience
  3. Bring all the pieces together. Let’s take what we learned today and build an action plan.


Jaime Caza is the Director, Advancement & Social Enterprise at the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS). Previous to EHS, she was the Director of Development with Ronald McDonald House Charities, where she was responsible for implementing strategies that led to three consecutive years of record-breaking revenue results. With 10 years’ experience in the corporate sector, Jaime brings a deep knowledge of how to attract and build corporate relationships.

Aimee Winegarden is an Advancement Officer at the Edmonton Humane Society. She spent almost 20 years leading teams and driving results in the for-profit sector before discovering a passion for fundraising and all things charitable.