Election Strategies: Collaborating to Get Animal Welfare on the Agenda!

10:30AM to 12:00PM
Room: Westmount 6

Barbara Cartwright, CEO, Humane Canada

2019 is a Federal Election year, which provides an exciting opportunity to collaborate across Canada ensuring that candidates understand the importance of animal welfare to their constituents, while preparing soon-to-be elected officials for our policy agenda in the next Parliament. It is also an opportunity to promote civic engagement in animal welfare and to talk broadly about these important issues.

But what is the best approach? What are the limitations on not-for-profits and charities during an election? How do I prepare my organization to be active in an election? How do we collaborate for higher impact?

 In this presentation, we will explore election strategies, key animal welfare issues and the process of engaging in the election in order to set the animal welfare agenda for the next Parliament.


  1. The current and future legislative agenda for animal welfare in Canada
  2. Review the basics of an election including the writ period, candidates tactics and constituent based opportunities to promote animal welfare
  3. How to create your own collaborative election strategy in 5 easy steps
  4. What happens between now and when the election is called and then after the election is over.

An award-winning executive leader in animal welfare, conservation and education, Barbara’s work has spanned five continents and 25 years. Her extensive experience in developing and facilitating relationships with stakeholders, including governments, corporations and NGOs has led to innovative programs with dynamic results. Barbara is sought after for her knowledge of policy and public affairs consults with all political parties on diverse issues. Barbara has secured animal welfare amendments to federal legislation, including updates to the Criminal Code, the Migratory Bird Act and the Canadian Environmental Protection Act as well as provincial legislation and regulation.