Donor Stewardship that Builds Loyal Donors


Jaime Caza, Director, Advancement & Social Enterprise, Edmonton Humane Society
Rae Fehr, Senior Manager, Fund Development, Calgary Humane Society
Leah Johnson, Donor Engagement Advisor, Calgary Humane Society
Aimee Winegarden, Advancement Officer, Edmonton Humane Society

What does your donor stewardship look like? Is the same for an 11-year-old who donates their birthday money compared to an elderly couple who says your organization is in their will? How about someone who brings in food and blankets, compared to someone buys a ticket to your annual gala? Impactful donor stewardship looks, and means, different things to different people. For 90 minutes, Calgary and Edmonton Humane Society will be teaming up – yes you heard right – teaming up to ensure you take home the framework for a comprehensive, cost effective and meaningful donor stewardship plan that will build long-term and loyal donors for your organization.


  1. Why donor stewardship is so important for any organization.
  2. What the fundamentals are for an all-inclusive stewardship plan to reach all your donor segments.
  3. What are some examples of best practices in donor stewardship, and some examples of where organizations have made mistakes.


Jaime Caza is the Director, Advancement & Social Enterprise at the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS). Previous to EHS, she was the Director of Development with Ronald McDonald House Charities, where she was responsible for implementing strategies that led to three consecutive years of record-breaking revenue results. With 10 years’ experience in the corporate sector, Jaime brings a deep knowledge of how to attract and build corporate relationships.

Rae Fehr has been building relationships with donors for more than 18 years. He started with six years as a Senior Development Officer at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology before moving to STARS Air Ambulance for 10 years, where he gained experience and knowledge in all areas of fundraising. Now with just over two years at the Calgary Humane Society, Rae strives to learn how he can lead the organization on how to build exceptional donor loyalty.

Leah Johnson spent her formative years as an avid martial artist, earning the distinction of black belt in 2013. The discipline and contacts she secured during that portion of her life pushed her to open her first business as the owner of a retail martial art supply store on Calgary’s busy 17th Avenue. Her love for connecting people to their passion helped drive the business and the lasting memories she has today. Leah now spends her personal time volunteering for various charities within Calgary but is most fulfilled by time with her family, especially her time with her rescue pup, Finnigan.

Aimee Winegarden is an Advancement Officer at the Edmonton Humane Society. She spent almost 20 years leading teams and driving results in the for-profit sector before discovering a passion for fundraising and all things charitable.