Connecting the Dots: Connecting with Your Community Using Multi-Platform Fundraising

Room: St Laurent 7

Rae Fehr, Senior Manager, Fund Development, Calgary Humane Society
Sage Pullen McIntosh, Senior Manager, Communications and Community Relations, Calgary Humane Society

There are many ways to connect with your donors: digital, print, phone, and face-to-face. But when should each tactic be used, and how can you use each to its full potential? In this 60-minute workshop, we will discuss how to identify which tools are the most effective to connect with your various donor demographics, how to use these tools to connect with new potential donors and how to measure your success. Participants will have the opportunity to work through a communications and fundraising template to map out their own donor engagement schedule to see where gaps might exist, ensuring they can connect with the right donor, at the right time, for the right giving opportunity.


  1. Identify which tools and platforms are the most effective to connect with various donor demographics.
  2. How to use tools and various platforms to connect with and recruit new donors.
  3. How to give your donors multiple opportunities to support you and be able to measure your success.

Rae Fehr joined the Fund Development team in April 2015. With more than 15 years of fundraising experience, Rae will help build lasting relationships with the community and our donors so that the Society has the resources required to do the important work we do. Rae has a genuine love for animals and looks forward to adopting a furry friend in the future.

Sage Pullen McIntosh joined Calgary Humane Society in February 2015. Previously, Sage spent 16 years working in both radio and television news as a reporter, anchor and producer. Sage holds a Master’s of Arts in Professional Communication through Royal Roads University in Victoria. She is also a Communications instructor at SAIT. When not at work or school, Sage can be found camping with her family, walking her giant English Mastiff (Thor) or at the soccer field, rink or gym with at least one of her very active kids.