Co-Creation of a Humane and Sustainable Canada: Policy, Community and Scientific Considerations

Dr. Christy Goldhawk, Global Advisor – Animal Welfare, Elanco Animal Health
Dr. Warren Skippon, Director of Animal Welfare/Governmental Affairs, Saputo Inc.
Dr. Ed Pajor, Anderson-Chisholm Chair and Professor in Animal Care and Welfare, University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Nina von Keyserlingk, Ph.D. – Professor and NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Animal Welfare, Animal Welfare Program, University of British Columbia (UBC)

Animal welfare brings together a diverse group of stakeholders with a passion for a good life for animals, across species and across the globe. These stakeholders face the challenge of integrating science and values to create pragmatic solutions to animal welfare issues that will be applicable in the present, while contentious of future needs. The panel will discuss some of the considerations for multinational companies operating in Canada, particularly within agriculture, and the collaborations required to co-create programs and interventions that advance humane animal care in Canada.

Key Learnings:
1. Community Engagement in Canadian and global policy development, including current state of animal welfare conversation on social media
2. Understanding of considerations for corporate animal welfare policies
3. Understanding the need for scientific-basis to enable positive change in animal welfare, within the context of meaningful policies and corporations


Dr. Christy Goldhawk
Dr. Christy Goldhawk is the global advisor for animal health and welfare for Elanco Animal Health. She has worked with various stakeholders in performance and farm animal welfare, on issues related to research, policy development, and communicating on animal health and welfare issues. Christy engages in many projects around the globe to empower stakeholders to understand animal welfare and practice humane animal care.

Dr. Warren Skippon
Dr. Warren Skippon is the Director of Animal Welfare/Governmental Affairs for Saputo Inc., where he is responsible for developing Saputo’s animal welfare program and other dairy industry issues. Warren has a long history as a practicing large animal veterinarian, as well as engaging with CVMA and NFACC on development of animal welfare, as well as consulting and training on animal welfare issue for other organizations.

Dr. Ed Pajor
Dr. Ed Pajor is a professor of animal behavior and welfare, the research leader of the Pain and Animal Welfare Group and holds the Anderson-Chisholm Chair in Animal Care and Welfare at UCVM. He is internationally recognized for his research on the welfare of farm and rodeo animals, as well as expertise in animal welfare standards and legislation. Ed has been involved with the scientific review of NFACC codes, the development of the ACAF process, and advising many multinational and national retailers and organizations.

Dr. Nina von Keyserlingk
Dr Nina von Keyserlingk is a professor of animal welfare at UBC and internationally recognized for her research on care and housing of animals, particularly dairy cattle. She has contributed to the NFACC beef and dairy codes, the U.S. beef and dairy animal care programs, and has acted as an advisor on animal welfare many industry and retail organizations. Nina has won many awards for her research and extension efforts, and the effects of her research can be seen on farms across the world.