Certifying Animal Rescues in Saskatchewan

Frances Wach, Executive Director, Saskatchewan SPCA
Sandra Anderson, Program Director, Saskatchewan SPCA


The Saskatchewan SPCA is spearheading the development of a certification and registration program for rescue groups operating in Saskatchewan. This voluntary program – the first in Canada – is being developed in collaboration with the provincial animal welfare sector. The program will help improve the welfare of rescued animals while providing a useful tool for potential donors and volunteers to identify reputable rescue groups. As well, by becoming a certified rescue group, the organization will be able to demonstrate that they are working to provide the best possible care for animals.

Key learnings
1. The need for an animal rescue certification and registration program in Saskatchewan
2. The process being followed to establish the program
3. Resources to be developed to support the launch and operation of the program


Frances Wach
Saskatchewan SPCA Executive Director Frances Wach has worked throughout her career to improve the well-being of both animals and people. She worked for more than a decade as a social worker in the province before becoming involved in the area of animal welfare, serving as a volunteer board member of the Yorkton SPCA. In 1993, she was hired as the Coordinator of Investigative Services for the Saskatchewan SPCA. In 1997, Frances Wach was named their first Executive Director. She currently serves on the board of Immigrant Access Fund Canada and the STOPS to Violence Task Committee. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Social Work and a Diploma in Administration.

Sandra Anderson
After more than 20 years working as a Communications Consultant in an advertising agency, Sandra Anderson realized that she was ready for a career change. She wanted a job where she could feel she was truly making a difference. Happily she found that when she applied for a position with the Saskatchewan SPCA. Since 2009, she has been part of their team of dedicated people working to build a more humane and caring society. As Program Director, Sandra Anderson has been involved in the areas of communications, fundraising and program development. Every day offers new opportunities to help improve the welfare of animals in Saskatchewan.