Cat Behaviour: What People Don't Know, But Should

Room: St Laurent 6

Daniel Filion, Président, L'éduCHATeur

In his session, the well-known Cat Educator Daniel Filion (L’Éduchateur), will cover two interesting subjects. He will give tips and tricks on how to deal with fearful cats but will also demystify and offer some explanations on their behavior in general. If cat is the most popular domestic animal in the world, why are we so oblivious to their behaviors and needs? Even professionals and people dealing with cats everyday will often, involuntarily, contribute to all the myths surrounding them. Why don’t we know? What should we know? What should we stop saying? M. Filion will offer some explanations that will help better understand our cat’s behavior, raise their value and, therefore, reduce relinquishing and euthanasia.


  1. How to modify cat behaviour: tips to deal with fearful cats.
  2. Why is the most popular domestic animal the one we know the least?
  3. How to raise knowledge about cats’ needs and behaviours and therefore raising their "value". 

Daniel Filion is the President of Cat EduCATor (known as ÉduCHATeur in French), the most important feline behavior company in Canada and in Europe. For the past 12 years, we've seen him as an author, tv and radio commentator, but it's through his famous conferences, combining humor and popularization, that he had build his reputation. His firm does more than 350 private consultations per year and holds the most important Facebook page on feline behavior throughout all French speaking countries where they answers, free of charge, to more than 5000 messages per year to help cat owners. Cat EduCATor is referred by more than a hundred veterinary clinics and, through its shelter aid program, also volunteers to help shelters. Cat EduCATor's mission is to decrease the number of cats abandoned and euthanized because of a simple urine on the carpet problem.