Canadian Public and Producer Views on Farm Animal Welfare

SUNDAY, APRIL 9, 3:00-4:30PM

SPEAKER: Dr. Jeff Spooner, PhD, animal welfare scientist and consultant

Dr. Spooner will present research findings on Canadian public and producer views regarding farm animal welfare. Among other themes, he will discuss areas of agreement and disagreement involving various facets of animal welfare. He will also draw on research undertaken nationally and internationally to (1) help identify shared values that may be used to form or contribute to policies and (2) offer recommendations to help support constructive working relationships among stakeholders mutually interested in ensuring farm animal well-being.

Three Key Learnings:
1. Canadian public and producer views on farm animal welfare
2. Areas of apparent overlap or shared perspectives that may be used to ground or develop successful welfare-related policies
3. Strategic recommendations that may be employed among food-animal stakeholders to help facilitate more consensual working relationships.

Dr. Spooner is an animal scientist and consultant who conducts social science research in the field of animal health and welfare. As a consultant, he facilitates multi-stakeholder agreements involving animal care and handling practices. He also helps individual organizations meet increasing demands for more comprehensive approaches to animal health and welfare. Dr. Spooner currently supports the National Farm Animal Care Council, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the National Farmed Animal Care Council plus various corporations and other organizations.