Be An Effective Leader and Manager with Impact: Laying the Groundwork for Powerful Work

TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 8:30-10:00AM


Pauline Healy, MBA CHRP, Director, Advancement & Social Enterprise, Edmonton Humane Society
Geoff Urton, Senior Manager, Stakeholder Relations, British Columbia SPCA

You are a leader with big plans – for the animals, for your organization, for your career. You know where you want to get, but at times it seems impossible. There must be a better way.

In this workshop, you will discover techniques pivotal to your success, leading you to a completely new level of effectiveness. You will be asked to consider:

  • What are leadership and management as distinct disciplines?
  • How can I deliver extraordinary results to fulfill on my organization’s strategic plan?
  • How can I harness the natural motivations of my people to get outstanding results from them?

You may not be directly involved in your organization’s strategic planning process, but you are motivated to contribute to actualizing this strategy in your work and contribute to your organization’s success.

You will leave this day-long workshop with a new context for personal and team effectiveness, able to employ practical skills that allow you to:

1. Be An Effective Leader and Manager With Impact: Laying the Groundwork for Powerful Work

Cultivate: Lay the groundwork for powerful work:

  • Purposefully choose to employ a leader’s or a manager’s approach
  • Emotional Intelligence: a key competency for effective managers
  • Create a team culture that works for you
  • Overcoming objections: how to transform the Scarcity of Resources Adversity Problem

2. What Strategic Thinking Can Do For Leadership Management: Implementing Your Plan For Success

Grow: Implement your strategic plan for success:

  • Communicating with impact: enrolling your people in the plan as a change management process
  • Inventory your skills: Applying SWOT analysis to the competencies of your team members
  • Begin with the end in mind: using Results-Based Management to deliver optimal outcomes

3. Leading With Confidence Through Seasons of Change: Maintaining the Momentum You’re Generated

Nurture: Maintain the momentum you have generated:

  • People management practices that work: feedback, coaching and delegation
  • Performance management practices that motivate
  • Delivering effective acknowledgements to your people to recognize and maximize their contributions


Pauline Healy, Director, Advancement & Social Enterprise at the Edmonton Humane Society, is an accomplished leader and HR professional with over 20 years of experience in building and executing corporate-wide business strategies while creating great places to work. She has been in senior roles within the fields of human resources, business development in private, public, not-for-profit sectors and the academia. Pauline is recognized in the organizational development field in leading large change programs, establishing systems thinking by ensuring structure, relationship and culture integration. Her passion for teaching and developing others has led her to research, design and conduct leadership development and training programs for organizations globally, using experiential and interactive learning approaches. With a passion for engaging her audience, Pauline strives to deliver content that they can immediately use when they get back to their office. Pauline is certified Human Resources Professional and previously served on the BCHRMA Advisory Committee for many years advocating for regulatory changes. She volunteers with several charities and social causes that are dear to her heart. Pauline holds an M.A. in English Literature from Goa University and an MBA from Royal Roads University.

Geoff Urton - 
In every aspect of his life, Geoff is committed to drawing out the best from others. It is through this ethos and a no bullsh*t approach to seeking common ground, that he has facilitated agreement between diverse stakeholders at the community and international levels. Geoff has applied his background in Animal Welfare Science (UBC) and Dialogue and Negotiation (SFU) to create an innovative and evidence-based public policy approach that has altered the animal welfare landscape in Canada. At the BC SPCA, he is honoured to have led a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds to the forefront of the animal welfare movement. His team has driven numerous landmark policy reforms, including phase-outs of barren cages for hens and gestation stalls for pigs, and regulations for BC’s dog and cat breeding industry. At home, Geoff can be found telling completely made-up tales of heroism to his generous wife, Lise, and their two boys – or being walked by their determined tripod pup, Finn.