Adopters Welcome: How Open Adoptions Benefit People and Animals

Room: Montreal 6-7


Ewa Demianowicz, Senior Campaign Manager, Humane Society International/Canada

More and more organizations are following the trend of open adoptions, which consist of making the animal adoption process easier on potential candidates. However, many still think that lengthy questionnaires, home visits, and reference checks are necessary to find the "perfect home".  In fact, what we once considered progressive policies have changed over time as we accumulate new experiences and evidence.

This presentation will address some of the myths regarding the unnecessary strict screening of potential adopters and how the approach of open adoptions embraces community members, encourages them to adopt, and helps them and their pets succeed. The approach also acknowledges the connection among local adoption agencies and the impact adoptions – or lack of adoptions – can have on all animals in a community.


  1. An understanding of the open adoption model and how it can be implemented.
  2. An understanding of how open adoptions benefit people and all animals in a community.
  3. Key research findings on animal adoption.

Ewa Demianowicz is a Senior Campaign Manager for companion animals at Humane Society International/Canada. Her work touches on many aspects of cat and dog welfare. In addition to working with all levels of government to improve legislation and policies for companion animals, she also helps manage HSI/Canada’s direct animal care projects such as animal rescues and animal seizures, and mass sterilization clinics for pets in remote communities.