A Community-Based Approach to Free-Roaming Dog Population Management


RJ Bailot, Executive Director, Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force
Alanna Collicutt, Dog Care and Control Program Manager, Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force

The Alberta Spay/Neuter Task Force (ASNTF) would like to share information regarding a new, innovative program: The ASNTF Dog Care and Control Program. We have created a community-based, holistic and humane approach to free-roaming dog population management. ASNTF has designed the Dog Care and Control Program based on experience, knowledge, consultation and research. Our goal is to advise communities with free-roaming dog populations (primarily Canadian First Nations Communities) on how to increase the health and safety of both the community members and the companion animals.

The ASNTF Dog Care and Control Program has 7 components, which will be described during the presentation:

  1. Legislation and Enforcement (Designing humane and appropriate bylaws and employment and training of animal control officers)
  2. Education (for all stakeholders)
  3. Registration and Identification (licensing is a great opportunity for collecting dog demographics)
  4. Holding Facilities and Re-homing Centers (constructing a building isn’t necessarily required)
  5. Spay/Neuter Programming (ASNTF can help with this)
  6. Access to Veterinary Care (especially for remote communities)
  7. Controlling Access to Resources (i.e. development of no dog zones, formalizing a pet food bank, etc.)

We will share the results of our pilot project, the Siksika Nation Dog Care and Control Program. Hear about our successes and lessons learned!


  1. How animal welfare organizations can help their target communities with dog care and control programming.
  2. A comprehensive dog care and control program is key to reducing human/dog conflict.
  3. Humane bylaws are imperative for managing dangerous dogs and for ensuring animal welfare.


RJ Bailot is a recipient of the International Fund for Animal Welfare "Outstanding Personal Commitment Award". RJ has travelled nationally and internationally to many animal protection groups’ home bases in order to study and accumulate knowledge and ideas to better accommodate groups in animal rescue, protection and education. RJ is a co-founder of the ASNTF.

Alanna Collicutt has worn many hats at the Alberta Spay/Neuter Task Force in the last six years, including general volunteer, Vice President and Clinic Operations Manager. However, she has found her strength and passion in the development and management of the ASNTF Dog Care and Control Program. Alanna has been focused on the Dog Care and Control Program for the last one-and-a-half years and has brought experience, skills and diligence to this new program.