April 16-19
Chelsea Hotel Toronto
Toronto, ON

Full list of conference delegates

SUNDAY, APRIL 17, 2016

PLENARY Building a Humane Canada: The Sector, the Successes and the Future
Barbara Cartwright, CEO of The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies
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The Million Cat Challenge: Because Every Cat Counts
Dr. Cynthia Karsten, DVM, University of California (UC) Davis
Download slides here: PART ONE & PART TWO 

Shelter Medicine: What Does the Future Hold in Canada?
Dr. Shane Bateman, DVM, Ontario Veterinary College
Dr. Danielle Boes, DVM, Toronto Humane Society
Contributors: Dr. Hanna Booth, Dr. Linda Jacobson, Dr. LeeAnn Sealey, Dr. Karen Ward
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Chicken Welfare & The Pros and Cons of Caging Systems
Dr. Ian J.H. Duncan, University of Guelph
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Animal Advocacy Made Easy
Geoff Urton, British Columbia SPCA
Melinda Mennie, British Columbia SPCA
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The Road to Capacity for Care
Dr. Cynthia Karsten, UC Davis
Kathy Innocente, Animal Welfare Agency Central Ontario (AWASCO)
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How to Help Shelter Animals Using the Asilomar Accords and Adoptability Guidelines
Dr. Emilia Gordon, DVM, British Columbia SPCA
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The Unwanted Horse (45 mins)
Dr. Marion Anderson, DVM, MS, President, Alberta SPCA
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Horse Slaughter in Canada: The Reality, and How We Can Affect Change (45 mins)
Dr. Bettina Bobsien, DVM, BC Veterinarian
No slides are available for this session.

Election 2015 Recap: Mobilizing Your Base for Change
Sheryl Fink & Res (Andreas) Krebs, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
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How to Cut Through the Noise: Strategies for Engaging Communities on Cat Overpopulation
Geoff Urton, British Columbia SPCA
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Certifying Animal Rescues in Saskatchewan
Frances Wach, Executive Director, Saskatchewan SPCA
Sandra Anderson, Program Director, Saskatchewan SPCA
Slides not available.

Development of a System to Protect Animal Welfare at Livestock Community Sales
Penny Lawlis & Michael Draper, OMAFRA
No slides are available for this session.

Compassionate Conservation in Action: An Introduction and Canadian Case Study
Dr. Sara Dubois & Erin Ryan, British Columbia SPCA
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MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2016

PLENARY Updating Animal Welfare Thinking: Moving Beyond the 5 Freedoms Toward a Life Worth Living
Dr. David J. Mellor, Animal Welfare Science and Bioethics Centre at the Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, New Zealand
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Unclaimed: Nine Perceptions That Kill Cats
Kat Albrecht, Missing Pet Partnership 
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Turning Data Into Lives Saved
Jodi Lytle Buckman, CAWA, American SPCA
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Animal Hoarding: An Overview of the Issues at the Intersection of Animal Maltreatment and Mental Health
Dr. Gary Patronek, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy 
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PANEL DISCUSSION Building A National Humane Education Strategy
Panelists: Jack Kinch, Animal Welfare Agency South Central Ontario (AWASCO); Craig Naherniak, British Columbia SPCA (BC SPCA); Tim Battle, Alberta SPCA
Moderator: Barbara Cartwright, Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS)
Download slides for: Jack KinchCraig Naherniak & Tim Battle

Using the Cat Healthy Adoption Checklist to Improve the Lives of Adopted Cats
Dr. Liz O'Brien, DVM, The Cat Healthy Clinic and Karen Reichheld, Hamilton-Burlington SPCA
No slides are available for this session.

PANEL DISCUSSION The Importance of Standardized Shelter Data in Animal Welfare: Regional Initiatives
Rachel O'Connor, Ontario Veterinary College, Dr. Toolika Rastogi, Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS), Dr. Vincent Paradis, DVM, L'Association vétérinaire québécoise de médecine de refuge (AVQMR)
Download slides for: Rachel O'ConnorDr. Toolika RastogiDr. Vincent Paradis

Considerations, Constraints and Logistics of Intervening in Hoarding Cases
Shawn Eccles and Marcie Moriarty, British Columbia SPCA
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More Hope Than Heartbreak: A Retrospective Study of 461 Cats from 20 Hoarder Environments, Relinquished to the Toronto Humane Society 2011-2014
Dr. Linda Jacobson, BVSc, MMedVet(Med), PhD, Deputy Director of Shelter Medicine, Toronto Humane Society
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Building a Humane Canada: Lessons and Possibilities for Social Change
Dr. Kendra Coulter, Associate Professor, Brock University, Cheri DiNovo, Member of Provincial Parliament for Parkdale-High Park, Ontario NDP, Laurie Morrison, Co-Founder, Niagara VegFest
No slides are available for this session.

WORKSHOP Using the Cat Healthy Adoption Check List to Improve the Lives of Adopted Cats
Dr. Liz O'Brien, DVM, The Cat Healthy Clinic and Karen Reichheld, HBSPCA
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WORKSHOP How to Make the Most of Shelter Data: Creating A National Strategy
Dr. Kim Lambert, DVM, MSc, Ontario Veterinary College
No slides are available for this session.

Animal Hoarding: Partnering with Community to Create Change (60 minutes)
Dara Ruiz, LMSW, ASPCA
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It Takes a Coalition: Hoarding Coalitions, Why They Are Needed & How They Work (30 minutes)
Cheryl Perera, VHA Home HealthCare, VHA
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PANEL DISCUSSION Does What We Eat at Events Matter?
Patti Nyman, Food for Thought Canada Coordinator, Animal Place
Geoff Urton, British Columbia SPCA
Nicholas Gilman, Montreal SPCA
Download slides for: Patty NymanGeoff Urton and Nicholas Gilman


PLENARY Far From The Deep Blue Sea: The Reality of Canada's Whale and Dolphin Captivity
Rob Laidlaw, Executive Director, Zoocheck
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Building Humane and Sustainable Dog Management Programs with Canadian First Nations
Jan Hannah, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)
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PANEL DISCUSSION Preparing for Disaster: Building Resilient Shelters and Communities
Erika Longman, Erika Longman Consulting
Dr. Susan Raymond, University of Guelph
Dr. Cathy Furness, DVM, DACVIM, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA)
No slides are available for this session.

Pet Safekeeping for Domestic Violence Victims
Tim Battle, Director of Education for the Alberta SPCA
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Making a Difference for Chickens in Canada (45 mins)
Stephanie Brown, Director, Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals
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Sustainability and Animal Welfare: Merging Priorities (45 mins)
Gabriel Wildgen, Humane Society International Canada (HSI Canada) and Katie Altoft, Carbonzero
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An In-Depth Look at On-Site High Quality Large Volume Spay/Neuter Clinics
R.J. Bailot and Jackie Lind, Alberta Spay/Neuter Taskforce
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Putting Policies into Practice at the Shelter Level: Saving Lives through Accessible Education on Standards of Care in Animal Shelters
Kim Monteith and Ellen Campbell, British Columbia SPCA
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Using Ethology and Animal Welfare Science to Achieve Successful Prosecution for Suffering Under the Criminal Code of Canada and PCA Act
Rebecca Ledger, Animal Behavior & Animal Welfare Scientist, Langara College, PostMedia Network Inc. and Eileen Drever, Senior Animal Protection Officer, British Columbia SPCA
No slides are available for this session.

PANEL DISCUSSION Dismantling the Echo Chamber to Secure Farm Animal Welfare
Jackie Wepruk, General Manager, National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC), Steven Moffett, Canadian Pork Council, Dr. Egan Brockhoff, DVM, Swine Veterinarian, Darren Vanstone, World Animal Protection
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Adventures in Starting a Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic
Dr. Esther Attard, DVM, Dr. Johanna Booth, DVM, and Mary Lou Leiher, Toronto Animal Services
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Social Media: Shifting Values, Saving Lives (45 mins)
Marieke van der Velden, British Columbia SPCA
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Building Long-Term, Sustainable Funding Through Monthly Giving (45 minutes)
Bruce Roney, Executive Director, Ottawa Humane Society
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Forgotten Creatures: Changing the Exotic Pet Paradigm
Rob Laidlaw, Executive Director, Zoocheck
Download slides here: PART ONE & PART TWO

PANEL DISCUSSION Co-Creation of a Humane and Sustainable Canada: Policy, Community and Scientific Considerations
Dr. Christy Goldhawk, Global Advisor, Animal Welfare, Elanco Animal Health
Dr. Warren Skippon, Director of Animal Welfare/Governmental Affairs, Saputo
Dr. Ed Pajor, Anderson-Chisholm Chair and Professor in Animal Care and Welfare, University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Marina (Nina) von Keyserlingk, Ph.D., Professor and NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Animal Welfare, Animal Welfare Program, University of British Columbia
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