April 12-15
Eaton Chelsea Hotel
Toronto, ON

Keynote and Plenary Sessions

Dr. Jane Goodall – Hope for Animals
Wounda’s Journey

Craig Daniell – The Future of the Humane Movement – Critical Factors in Building a Humane Canada
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Geoff Urton – The Five Freedoms for Farm Animal Welfare – How on Earth Will We Get There?
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Cats Count in Canada – A National Stage for a Local Issue! 
Barbara Cartwright, CEO, CFHS 
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Community TNR: Making An Impact on Free-roaming Cats 
Bryan Kortis, Program Manager, Petsmart Charities 
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Grassroots Growing Pains -Gaining Ground 
Penny Cookson, Toronto Feral Cat Project 
Roxanne St. Germain, Toronto Feral Cat Project

Community-Based Strategies to Reduce 
Dr. Katharine Jones, Veterinarian, Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue 
Zoe Stevens-Lavigne, Chair, Adoption and Foster Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue 
Kelsie Linfoot, Secretary, Webmaster and Administration, Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue

Happy Cats are Healthy Cats! 
Dr. Nadine Gourkow

Using Population Models of Domestic Cats to Address Overpopulation Issues 
Dr. Tyler Flockhart – Population Ecologist & Conservation Biologist – Ontario Veterinary College and University of Guelph 
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Seeking Sustainability in Feline Spay-Neuter and Shelter Intake 
Dr. Debbie Tacium, Veterinarian, Eastern Townships SPA 
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Canadian Standards of Care in Animal Shelters: Supporting ASV Guidelines 
Dr. Esther Attard Veterinarian, Toronto Animal Services 
Dr. Magdalena Smrdelj, Chief Veterinary Officer, OSPCA 
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Anatomy of a Transition: The Toronto Humane Society 2009 to 2014 
Dr. Linda Jacobson, Deputy Director, Shelter Medicine, Toronto Humane Society 
Dr. Karen Ward, Director of Shelter Medicine, Toronto Humane Society 
Phil Nichols, Director Operations, Toronto Humane Society 
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Managing Change in a Fast Paced Shelter Environment 
Scott Kress, President, Summit Training and Frontier Team Building

Implementing Capacity for Care (C4C) 
Kim Monteith, Manager, Animal Welfare, BC SPCA

Challenging the “Cat Overpopulation” Excuse! Eliminating *Space as a justification for Euthanasia 
Sandra Flemming, Director of Animal Care, Nova Scotia SPCA 
Kathy Innocente, Animal Care Manager, Animal Welfare Agency of South Central Ontario 
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What’s the Value of Community Collaboration – Getting Community Leaders and Organizations Working for You! 
Jack Kinch Executive Director, Animal Welfare Agency South Central Ontario 
Alison Scott, Executive Director of Family and Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region 
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Saving Lives Through Prevention: Getting Serious about Cat Spay/Neuter 
Amy Morris, Policy and Outreach Officer, BC SPCA 
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The Whistler Sled Dogs Case: Forensic Pathology Findings in Field Necropsies
Dr. Melinda Merck, Veterinary Forensics Consulting 
Eileen Drever, Senior Animal Protection Officer, BC SPCA

Crime and Punishment in Animal Cruelty Cases: The Power of Precedent 
Marcie Moriarty, Chief Prevention and Enforcement Officer, BC SPCA 
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Helping Animals and People 
Tim Battle, Humane Educator, Alberta SPCA 
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Extending the ‘Long Arms’ of the Law to Protect Animals in Canada 
Kim Elmslie, Manager of Communications and Advocacy, CFHS 
Alanna Devine, Director of Animal Advocacy, Montreal SPCA 
Marcie Moriarty, Chief Prevention and Enforcement Officer, BC SPCA 
Kaley Pugh, Manager of Animal Protection Services, Saskatchewan SPCA 
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Fins and Flukes, Scales and Tails: Lost Opportunities and Future Challenges for Captive Wildlife 
Rob Laidlaw, Founder and Director, Zoocheck

Canada’s Codes of Practice for on Farm Animal Welfare 
Kaley Pugh, Manager of Animal Protection Services, Saskatchewan SPCA 
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The Power of a Story – Panel presentation and discussion 
Liz Marshall, Filmmaker, LizMars Productions 
Jo-Anne McArthur, Founder, We Animals 
Andrew Westoll, Author and Journalist 
Greg Habstritt, President, Vets To Go
View Trailer for Ghosts in Our Machine

Public Attitudes Towards Wild Animals: Animal Welfare and Canada’s Commercial Seal Hunt
Sheryl Fink, Director of Wildlife Campaigns, International Fund for Animal Welfare

One Health, One Welfare – The Relationship Between Human and Animal Welfare 
Dr. Michelle Lem, Founder and Director, Community Veterinary Outreach 
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Persuasion in Animal Welfare
Nicholas Gilman, Executive Director, Montreal SPCA 
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Animal Welfare Framework: Animals, Obligations, Judgements and Differences 
Barbara Cartwright, CEO, CFHS 
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Challenges and Opportunities in Developing Animal welfare Value Chains: Lessons from Consumer and Stakeholder Researchers 
Dr. Mike von Massow, Assistant Professor, University of Guelph 
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Our Sustainability and Animal Welfare Journey 
Tim Faveri, Director, Sustainability and Responsibility, Tim Hortons Inc.

Training Sessions

Applying Canada’s Codes of Practice for On-Farm Animal Welfare as an Enforcement Tool 
Geoff Urton, Manager, Stakeholder Relations, BC SPCA 
Dr. Bettina Bobsien, Equine Veterinary Specialist, BC SPCA 
Dr. Carol Morgan, Veterinary Specialist
Penny Lawlis, Humane Standards Officer, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
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Dairy, Sheep and Beef Codes of Practice  
Horse Code of Practice

Shelter Management Best Practices: Applying Shelter Standards and Capacity for Care to Improve Animal Welfare 
Dr. Kate Hurley, Director, UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program

Speaking Up and Speaking Out for Animals 
Kim Elmslie, Manager of Communications and Advocacy, CFHS
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